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Event Time and Date

Thursday, April 18 2013, 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Greek Week is a competition among seven teams of fraternities and sororities to emphasize community involvement, unity among the fraternity/sorority community, and fun. The theme for this year's Greek Week events is superheroes.

This is the fifth day of Greek Week. This will be a Jeopardy! style competitive quiz based on general knowledge, UMass knowledge, fraternity/sorority knowledge, and superhero knoweldge.

There will also be a penny wars competition happening during the duration of the event, where pennies count for positive points towards the team, and all other coins and bills count for negative points. All proceeds will go to benefit the Baystate Children's Hospital via UDance.

All are welcome to attend the event, but performance is limited only to those members of the seven Greek Week teams.

Student Union Ballroom

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