The "What Makes U?" Campaign

A Campus-Wide project seeking to highlight the students of UMass Amherst as individuals. You're 1 out of 20,000 students; What Makes U?

This campus-wide project, with it's full intent, is to shine light upon the individuals who make up the community of UMass Amherst. Each of us, before anything else, are human beings with many layers. Who we are as students on paper and resumes is just the surface. The "What Makes U?" Campaign seeks to reveal the substance that each of us has within our hearts, our souls, and our minds. Ask yourself and ask your friends, "What Makes U" when no one is there to see it? "What Makes U" get up every morning? "What Makes U" unique? "What Makes U" help others and act when no one else will?

This is a campaign for the students, by the students.

Interested yet? Here's how you can participate!

There are two ways to get involved:

1.) Twitter

Right now, you can Tweet, “What Makes U?”
    -As an individual
    -A quality or characteristic
    -A defining moment, etc.!
    *All using the #WhatMakesU hashtag

We will be compiling your responses and turning them into an art installment to be displayed at a campus location.

2.) Photo Opportunity

In the weeks to come, more information will be released for how you can show up to photo shoot sessions and be photographed wearing a piece of UMass Apparel, giving a response to "What Makes U?"

This also will be incorporated into the art installment combining with the Tweet responses we receive.

Keep your eyes and ears out for more information!

Let's unify our campus through The "What Makes U?" Campaign!


Posted by Julie Breau on February 4, 2013