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Saturday, November 2 2013, 9:00 AM to Saturday, November 9 2013, 11:45 PM

The UMass Theatre Guild is requesting a campus theater to house its Fall 2013 Play. While our plays are less demanding in terms of venue, a classroom is never a promising space for anyone involved (our cast, crew, or audience members). The play could very well go up in a smaller theater, such as the University's Curtain theater. However, it could also very well use a larger stage such as The Rand or Bowker Auditorium.


Our RSO is well aware of campus's limited spaces. Having both a musical and a play to produce each semester and find venues for proves challenging. Being able to use UMass Amherst theaters for both of our shows would allow us to allocate our funds towards other aspects of our budget. It also allows us to target the UMass Amherst student body as our audience, afterall we are student-run. As such being on campus for both shows is both economically and audience friendly. 


Our organization has yet to decide which play we will be producing next fall. The Guild's nomination and voting meetings to determine the shows are taking place the week of April 15-19. We will know our show titles by April 19th, and would be happy to send the SAI, CSD, and the SORC updates as needed.

Marks Meadow Auditorium

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Performance, Rehearsal/Practice

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