Parent Organization: Student Affairs and Campus Life

Mission statement

Men's Ultimate Frisbee is an organization dedicated to athletes interested in the sport of Ultimate Frisbee. This RSO has several objectives in mind every year. We would like to promote and spread the knowledge of ultimate frisbee through recruiting and practice. We also want to increase the skill level of the members involved in the organization. Finally, we want to present a highly competitive team through Intercollegiate competition.




  1. Definition of membership:


  1. All members of the varsity team are required to go to practice 3 days a week barring any class or personal conflict. The captains must be notified of any absence in order to better organize practice
  2. All members are asked to attend all scheduled tournaments, barring any academic or personal reasons. Team members must notify captains beforehand if they will not be attending.
  3. All members are expected to pay dues that include all travel accommodations and uniform money.


  1. Officers


  1. Two captains are elected each year per team. These captains are in charge of all logistics on and off the field. One serves as President, the other as Vice President
  2. The Treasurer, also elected by the team, is responsible for helping the President with financial matters.
  3. The Secretary is also elected, and serves as a “Junior Captain,” helping the Captains with all matters pertaining to the day-to-day running of the team.
  4. The two Captains select the members of the varsity team based on a three week tryout period at the beginning of every fall semester. Members of the organization who are not selected for the varsity team play on the B team.


  1. Rules


  1. The two varsity Captains appoint two members of the B team to serve as B team Captains. These B team captains are responsible for the day to day running of the B team and for its general organization, and work with the A team Captains for RSO cohesion.

To impeach an officer, an RSO member must move for impeachment at an RSO meeting. The impeachment of an officer requires a 2/3rds majority of RSO voting members

Meeting Location, Day, and Time

Fall: Fields behind McGuirk Stadium. Tues, Weds,Thurs 3:30-6:30 Winter: TBA Spring: Fields behind McGuirk Stadium. Tues, Weds,Thurs 3:30-6:30

Hours of Operation/Office Hours


Charter Date


SA&I/SGA Organization Classification (Council)

Club Sports Council

Address Umass Amherst
Amherst, MA 01003