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AALANAI Honor Society

The mission of the AALANAI Honor Society is to ensure that its members are prepared to meet the many challenges they will encounter not only in college,throughout their lives. Our goal is to improve the retention and graduation rate of all

Accounting Association

The UMass Accounting Association is a Registered Student Organization at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Our goal is to give interested students information and resources to prepare for a successful career in the accounting industry.

Active Minds

Active Minds strives to change the conversation about mental health by reducing stigma through student participation. In facilitating dialogue and community awareness we hope to show the importance of mental well-being for the individual and community.

Actively Moving Forward (AMF)

Actively Moving Forward (AMF) is an organization dedicated to supporting college students grieving the illness or death of a loved one through service groups and a peer-led support group.

Advanced Sport Statistics Club (USSC)

The goal of USSC is to provide and forum for the discussion, and the creation of unique advanced sport statistics and ideas for more efficient practices than the ones currently employed by professional sport organizations.

Adventist Christians Together to Serve (ACTS)

Adventist Christians Together to Serve (ACTS) is a loving Seventh-Day Adventist bible based community open to people of varying faiths interested in fellowship. The organization provides a platform for individuals to experience vibrant spiritual growth.

African Graduate and Scholars Association (AGASA)

AGASA serves as a focal point for rallying graduate students and scholars on issues and concerns pertinent to the continent of Africa and a vehicle to create greater visibility of the interests of African Students.

African Student Association (ASA)

The African Student Association (ASA) is a cultural RSO that values all cultures and traditions. Our establishment is based in the University of Massachusetts Amherst. The organization its made up of a very strong and productive

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